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Freaky Friday

28 Oct

I’m really excited for the weekend. For some reason, I have been super into Halloween this year, and the weekend is finally here! I have been decorating my apartment all spooky like and the components of my costume have been slowly arriving (it’s a really great costume, not gonna lie) and I’m planning all kinds of fun things. I actually managed to bust out of my Friday gloom by way of a marathon phone talk with my mom, where I whined a lot and then came up with a game plan.

As with any good plan, step one is extensive cleaning, so I have a really exciting Friday night ahead of me.

I wanted to show you my current google + profile pic. It was super fun to make, since they have a new photo editing thingie.  My favorite part is my zombie cousin charging up from the ocean. She’s gonna get ya!

I hope you all have a spooky weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday. I have to go check on my rummy bears now. Happy Halloween!