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Happy Valentine’s Day!

27 Jan

I am getting this in a little late – today I dismantled my entire apartment! I will definitely keep you posted on how THAT’S going..


This is the final card in my Valentine’s Day series. Keeping it simple, it states ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, with little hearts featuring lovely patterns.  Like all of my cards, it is made with love, so be sure to give it with love!



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Be My Valentine?

26 Jan

Unlike one dozen red roses, the flowers on this card are a little more creative, and will last forever. This Valentine’s Day, show your special someone how much you really love them with a handmade card!


You can buy it here.


Stayed tuned tomorrow, I have one more card in my Valentine’s Day series coming up tomorrow!

I Like You More Than Chocolate!

26 Jan

Another Valentine’s day card! I don’t like how flowery cards can get, so I though I’d go with something a little sassier. By telling your special someone you like them more than chocolate, you are really making a strong statement. Or, I guess you are if you like chocolate as much as I do 🙂


Buy them here! Don’t forget to check back later; I am putting up new Valentine’s Day products all week.

I love you!

25 Jan

I just added a new card to the shop!


My favorite part about these are the lined envelopes. I found some beautiful paper, and this was a fun way to incorporate it. I made the counters hearts for an extra pop of love.

Buy them here, and be sure to check back! I’ll be releasing Valentines all week.


21 Jan

I always have big plans for Valentine’s Day. I will make cards by hand, I think to myself. They will be beautiful. I will use ribbons, and lace, and paint, and paper, and perhaps clippings from magazines, and everyone will think I am so clever, and be so amazed at where I find the time to do such thoughtful things. Then, suddenly, it is February 13th, and all I have to show for it is a blank piece of paper. Oh well, I say. Maybe next year.

These cards are for the people who want to send a thoughtful, handmade Valentine, but simply lack the time. It is a pack of eight cards, each of them different. I drew hearts in bright pink and metallic silver, and also white on cream, which is a subtle surprise.

Their charm lays in their imperfection. They were made with love, not machines. The sentiments are simple and heartfelt. You can purchase them right here.

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I love Valentine’s Day, and I had fun making these. I think that February 14th is a day to celebrate all kinds of love, not just romantic. I busted out the paintbrush, and my screenprinting inks, and tried to make Valentines I would want to receive. If these aren’t quite your style, stay tuned! I will be putting more valentines up on the shop all of next week.