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You Don’t Really Mean That..

2 Nov

I check my spam filters pretty regularly, as sometimes important emails can get trapped in there. I check my spam comments too, since those far outweigh my real comments, and I want to make sure nothing’s getting stuck!

So far, there hasn’t been anything in there that shouldn’t be, but the nonsensical comments are kind of interesting to me. Some of them sound so close to being real.. but something’s off. I saved the two below because they made me laugh out loud.

First of all, there was no thread. Second, why does saying that coffee machines and espresso makers are going to be a popular holiday item warrant a Just Sayin!? Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I thought that was the new ‘no offense.’


I will get right on fixing that thing. Right after I find the attention I’m searching for. On my public blog.


What’s your color vision?

30 Aug

This test made the rounds when I was still in design school, and a twitter friend dug it up today. I’m pleased to announce that according to this test I have:


That will come in handy, seeing as I’m a designer and all. What’s your score?



26 Aug

If you know me at all, you probably know that I like clothes and fashion. Although maybe not, once a friend told me that based on how I dressed (I assume), she thought I wasn’t into fashion… Ouch. I’ve been rocking the college student (non-existent) budget for quite a while now, so I’ve fallen out of the habit of clothes shopping, but I have been shopping my closet, and trying to experiment with accessories and making new outfits.

Now that I’m freelancing, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for outfits, and I’m pretty excited. I’m definitely going to treat myself to some new clothes at some point, as I currently count pajamas as ‘work wear’, and I’m just not ready to be that girl who only wears mismatched pajamas. Another fun aspect of the not actually going shopping ever situation is that I am great at internet window shopping. I made this board to show what I think the perfect freelance outfit would be.

Weekday Outfit


Racerback tank
$18 –

Acne biker jacket
$307 –

All Saints super skinny jeans
$120 –

Alexander McQueen high heels
580 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors leather tote
$512 –

Drop earrings
$78 –

Gorjana wrap bracelet
$55 –

TopShop wire wrapped ring
$15 –
It’s comfortable enough to sit at a computer with your legs crossed, but you can throw on your sweet accessories and look like you tried when meeting friends for lunch. The bag is big enough to hold my laptop (in my dream world), which is perfect for heading to the coffee shop to knock out a few hours of work. I’ve been looking for a jacket like the red one for years – something about the asymetrical zipper makes me really happy.
That was fun. Now it’s back to the real world, where jammies and out of control hair are what’s actually going on here today. Perfect for taking your dog out at 4 in the afternoon and letting your neighbors wonder if you actually know what a shower is.
I hope you have a good weekend, and that this stupid hurricane gets the hint and heads right back out to sea!

Living the Dream

16 Aug

I ran into some old friends from school this weekend, while I was out with my friends. One of the first questions out of our mouths were “What are you up to these days, where are you working?” Former design students ask their friends this question with a slightly worried look, because almost everyone graduated jobless, and our employment has ranged from retail to super sweet full time dream jobs. You don’t want to bum out your talented classmates by reminding them that because of this economy they get to beg for jobs they are  overqualified for.

Anyway, I told them I was freelancing, and living the dream, and they laughed because you don’t say a phrase like living the dream seriously. I thought about it more though, and I kind of am. I am having an amazing time doing this, and I’m actually starting to feel successful! Which is something I haven’t felt in a while. Also, all this working means that soon I will actually have some new projects to show you guys – I can’t wait!


Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. This post is about my obsession with office supplies. This has already been pretty well documented, but gosh, I don’t know, something about the fact that the back to school display is in full swing at target, and move in weekend was just here makes me in the mood to find some new stuff for my office. I still think it is the tragedy of my life that I don’t have to go back to school shopping any more. Something about those fresh notebooks and binders, all full of potential, and those post it notes just waiting for my notes and to-dos just left my heart aflutter.

Anyway, I discovered, aka my favorite new website, and things got a little out of hand. Online window shopping is my favorite kind of shopping.

Check out my pinterest board for some stylish, and useful things!

My Own Personal Video Challenge

13 Aug

Lately, I’ve been really inspired by video. (Like this, this, this, or this) I’ve always been interested in documenting my life, but there’s something about those short films that document a specific moment that really draw me in. My favorite part of my last family trip was when we busted out the family videos. It got me thinking about how I used to be great at documenting the everyday – I had a lot of stuff, but I never felt like it was taking away from my experience of whatever it was I was doing.

I also think it’s important to do creative things/have hobbies that aren’t directly connected to what I do. I love designing – but if it’s the weekend and I am not working, I need something to do! So my challenge is this: Not really a challenge. You shouldn’t have goals for your hobbies, duh. What I do want is to make more videos through the end of the year. Even if I never edit them or do anything with them, when I’m having a good time, I want to remember to pull out the camera for a few seconds. Even if I’m just sitting on the couch with David.

I hope you have a great weekend!

In Another Life

10 Aug

I was at a job interview a while back, and one of the questions they asked me was: what would I be if I wasn’t a graphic designer. This kind of threw me. I really like being a designer, so I haven’t put any thought into other career paths. I still need to be successful at this one, as evidenced by the fact that I’m at a JOB INTERVIEW.

Anyway, I said something about being a chef, which is crap because even though I like to cook and I am pretty preoccupied with food, I would never want to do that forever. The question remained on my mind, even after the interview process was over. It’s strange to think about the other things you could do. Graphic design has defined my life for so long. However, I have finally reached a decision.

I would totally be an advice columnist. I can’t believe it wasn’t the first thing to come to my mind! I love reading advice columns! I always read Ann Landers in the paper growing up (right after I finished the comics), and even now I read a couple of online advice columns. I love hearing about people’s weird problems, and my bossy side would love telling them exactly what to do. Side note: Yesterday I was working in a coffee shop, and this couple came in and had a pretty loud, and long conversation about the state of their deteriorating relationship. I really wanted to pull up a chair and help them work through it, but I don’t think they would have appreciated my wisdom.

I always find myself wanting to give advice in my everyday life, which is a problem. Everyone knows unsolicited advice is the worst. But I think if I was an advice columnist, I’d get my fix, and my friends would thank me!

Can’t Help Myself..

25 Jul

I have to say, I had a great weekend. After having such a busy month, I really enjoyed the chance to just stay at home and not have plans. This somehow translated into doing some decorating projects. I relax best by cleaning/making things, and lately I’ve been in a MAJOR redecorating phase.

I suppose it’s been a long time coming – I like to DIY whenever I can, and make sure I’ve considered all my options before I commit to anything. This results in bursts of activity punctuated by long periods of planning. Since I’ve been working in my office full time, I’ve been thinking a lot more about how to best use that space, which has resulted in an impromptu let’s move all the things around party, as well as the purchase of some of those flat pack bookshelves, and some fabric bins that were completely the wrong size, unfortunately.

I also spent an embarrassing amount of time this weekend moving pictures around, trying to obey the rule in this blog post and being completely inspired by this office redesign (I may have said to David, “I know I told you an all white office was the way to go…. but what if we painted a wall seafoam?” I am the worlds biggest waffler).

The most exciting part of my weekend was when I built a headboard! For my bed! Like an adult! Okay, actually my mom came over and helped (by helped I mean she did most of the work while I danced around squealing about how great it was going to look)  because she’s the one with all of the expertise and the sweet power tools, but it was totally my idea, and I definitely found the how-to blog post.

I’ve wanted a headboard like this one ever since I saw Betty Draper’s but I knew that it would be way easier and cheaper to make my own. It was definitely cheaper, and it didn’t take as long as I thought to actually make it, maybe 2 hours. The total cost of the headboard came out to almost exactly $100, which is far cheaper than anything I could find in a store that I liked. The biggest money-saving trick I used was to buy a canvas dropcloth from Home Depot for the fabric. It was $20 and twice the amount of fabric we actually needed, which means that I now have some left over for pillows. I was worried it might look too cheap, but I’m actually so pleased with how it turned out. It looks very fancy, and way more expensive than it actually was.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We basically followed the steps listed in the blog post I linked to above, and I think it looks great. It makes our room look one thousand times more polished, and all I have to do now is figure out how to arrange the pillows on the bed so they don’t look weird with the headboard. This is harder than you might think.

The best part about this weekend is that I feel like I’m essentially re-training my creative muscles. I’ve felt blocked for the past couple of months, and with each day that goes by I am getting more and more ideas, and my creative energy is growing. Sometimes I think the best thing you can do is stop trying to force things, and just follow what you’re feeling for a little bit.

My next big home project is my office. It’s been slowly evolving, as I try to figure out ways for it to be as functional as is possible for an 8 x 10 foot space shared by two people and a dog to be. I can’t wait to show you pictures!

Drilling Through Canvas Is Harder Than You Think

26 May

The other day I was spending the morning doing nothing, when I decided that I would like to make a light wall behind the TV. Unfortunately, googling light wall didn’t produce much. I had this vision of twinkle lights hanging down, but I couldn’t think of a good, beautiful way to mount them.

I did see a project someone did where they made little flower shapes on a canvas and poked lights through. This seemed to be a much cleaner solution, and I came with an idea to use that concept, but way, way brighter.

It was pretty lucky, because Jerry’s Artarama had a canvas sale, and I got a HUGE canvas for cheapies. It was pretty unlucky though, because whatever way I tried, the canvas wouldn’t fit behind the TV.

So I moved some things around and put it next to my big mirror!

I am a little obsessed with chevrons right now, and big bold stripes seemed like the best way to have maximum impact and NOT use a hundred million lights. I marked out the blank stripes with masking tape, and then I marked where I wanted the lights to be with a pencil.

I thought it would be easy to make a hole in the canvas with a pin, but it turns out canvas is much sturdier than I thought, so I had to bust out the drill. The next step was poking all 700 twinkle lights through the holes, and making sure all of the strands were lined up correctly.

I really like how it looks. It has this nice soft glow, and it lights up the room. I’ve always loved these lights, and I’m glad I found a solution that doesn’t make my space look college-student-y. I don’t like that big ugly brown cord, but I’m going to get some conduit or something and fix that. (And the rest of the ugly wire situation that is rampant in the apartment. It wasn’t quite as worrisome until Caspian started randomly chewing on the occasional wire. It would be great if I didn’t come home to discover that he electrocuted himself, ala Christmas Vacation.)

That’s my latest project! If you are coming over any time soon, I will plug it in and talk about it a LOT. Lucky for you, I only keep it plugged in for short periods of time, because it throws heat like a boss, and I’m pretty sure if you leave it on for too long the canvas will burst into to flames. (Kidding. (I think.))


28 Feb

I spend a lot of time deciding what kinds of fonts I want/need to use for projects. I am always on the lookout for new typefaces, and I always have a little wishlist of things I will buy when the need arises.

Image by Jennifer Sukis

Buttermilk, by Jessica Hische is definitely at the top of that list. I’ve really been loving script fonts lately, but it’s hard to find ones that are high enough quality to use in a variety of circumstances. I can’t think of many projects where Buttermilk wouldn’t look great (even though it might not be exactly appropriate… ha ha)


24 Jan

Just thought I’d check in and share with you a little fun project I did a while back! I have a friend who is beginning his first foray into brewing his own beer. I have been helping him make his first batch, and we thought it would be cool if it had labels as well! I have always been a sucker for a well designed drink label (Big Boss is my hands down favorite), so it was a fun exercise in graphic design!

The beer ‘brand’ is a Greek mythology theme, and Gaia is one of the first gods, so it seemed fitting to name the first beer that. I tried to use a Greek design influence with the pattern around the border, without getting too stereotypical.