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Everyday Design – Egg Edition

7 Sep


In my house, we go through a lot of eggs. So we’ve seen a lot of egg cartons. This design is by far my favorite. It’s simple and unassuming (I sound like Gordon Ramsey – fresh! simple foods!) it is a good continuation of the Fresh Market’s brand, and it isn’t trying to trick you into buying it. Eggs are eggs – and it’s incredibly frustrating to have to stand in the freezing cold dairy aisle and try to figure out which eggs are the ones you want.


I like how the design is fully dependent on the type. There’s a little bit of a pattern, but for the most part it’s nice and simple. It looks like it belongs to the Fresh Market product family without hitting you over the head with the logo. They do this with the colors, and the stripe pattern, which you can see on the corn bag that I linked to. It has the same retro-ish feel going on, just like when you walk into one of their stores, and I especially love the yellow shadow detail on the type. Even though this is a pretty basic seeming design, there is definitely some attention to detail if you look closely.

The last thing I will point out is how the design is printed right on the egg carton. I love this. The texture comes through the ink, giving it a rugged feel, and since it’s printed on a grey, it dulls the colors enough that they all work together. Many egg cartons try to hide the carton material (or they’re made out of styrofoam – gross) but this shows that it’s possible to work with even the least desirable surfaces. In fact, I would argue that you should never try to hide the product that you’re designing for. It usually looks cheap, and creates  discord, like this. There is way too much going on there, and the bright label makes the egg carton look sad and weird.


Good job, Fresh Market! And please get rid of your giant candy display – it’s making me want foods I haven’t thought of in years, like licorice wheels and giant lollipops.


Everyday Design – Wine Edition

28 Jun

It’s funny to me that I used to not like wine. When I was little, I would imagine that wine was basically grape juice for adults, and I would constantly be surprised and disappointed when my parents let me take a tiny sip and it was not sweet and delicious.

Fast forward 13 years, and even though in my heart I wish that I was rich enough to drink exclusively icewine, which tastes like wine the way I imagined it as a child, I am perfectly content to enjoy a lovely glass of red wine from time to time.

When it comes to choosing what to buy, I choose exclusively by the label. There are a lot of cool labels when it comes to more expensive wine, but more affordable bottles usually have boring labels. So I was pretty excited to pick this little beauty up at the Fresh Market.

Let’s start with the cork.

Isn’t this cool! I love clever logos, and while I usually prefer real cork, I like the treatment of this synthetic cork. The little details always get me, and while an awesome cork seems like a minor thing, it made opening this bottle special.

This bottle is stunning. It showcases the aforementioned logo, it visually breaks free of the tyranny of having to have a square label on a bottle, but there IS a square label on it, so it doesn’t use any expensive printing methods, and overall it is very classy looking.

The back of the label is also nice. I have a soft spot for definitions, so I may be biased.

Once you start looking, there are many beautiful, accessible, humble artifacts of design. You just need to keep your eyes open. I suggest starting at the Fresh Market. But beware, they like to display candy and desserts at every corner at eye level, so it takes a lot of self discipline to get through there without picking up a giant lollipop or a chocolate cake…

Everyday Design

18 May

Last night I was making dinner when I realized that I should probably stick some sort of vegetable next to my pork chop. I was digging around the freezer looking at our frozen vegetable selection when I found this:

I just love it. I know it’s a very mundane thing to wax poetic over, but when you look at the alternative, I think it really justifies my stance that ALL design should be carefully considered, not just high brow things.

I mean, look at this. It’s simple, there is an established hierarchy, and it effectively showcases the product. I’ve noticed a lot of frozen food packages feature large photos of the food, except it’s so blown out of proportion and photoshopped that half the time you can barely tell what it is!

Let’s not get crazy, corn is corn, but I would much rather look at what I’m actually buying than some weird photo of corn kernels that are the size of my fist.

Anyway, good job to whomever designed this! Thanks for putting a product out there that is simple, effective, and beautiful.