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Hooray, it’s the Weekend!

2 Sep

I have to say, I am looking forward to one last hurrah soaking up the sun, drinking some pool beer, and pretending I’m 8 and have to go back to school on Tuesday. Can you say school supply shopping? I really do need some pens..

Even though I’ve been taking a mini staycation this week, things have been pretty busy over at my shop.

I’ve been putting up some new products every day, so you should take a look, if you are so inclined!


Have a great weekend.

Product Roundup

28 Mar

I’ve continued putting up new products on my Etsy shop, but I’ve stopped featuring each product in its own blog post. I don’t want this blog to be one big advertisement for me, but rather a record of my design life. Instead, I will try doing a roundup of things I’ve put up for sale recently.

Let me be the first to say, I love birthdays. My family always made a big deal out of birthdays, and I love celebrating other people’s birthdays almost as much as I love celebrating my own! That being said, I always have the hardest time finding cards that straddle the line between funny and not mean/making jokes about how old the recipient is/making fart jokes. I came up with this card as a solution. The interior of the card states: “Can I have some cake now?” which in my opinion sums up the most important sentiment of a birthday. Buy here!

Intended as a complement to the small triangle cards, these blank cards feature larger cut neon triangles. As always, colors are customizable. Buy here!

I know Father’s Day seems far away, but it’s really right around the corner! Real ties are expensive, so you should go ahead and get him this paper version instead.

Friday Fix: Triangles

25 Mar

It isn’t hip to be square any more… take away one of those sides and make it a triangle! A staple in hipster art, I think they are also pretty cute when they are living it up as home and fashion accessories.

West Elm - $199.00

Need Supply Co - $18.00

Upper Medal Class (Etsy) - $52.00

Had to sneak some of my own products in here..

Available now on my Etsy shop! Just click the photo.

Verabel Fox Necklace - $65.00 (etsy)

Stone & Honey Isosceles Earrings - $75

You Tie Me Up In Knots!

10 Mar

I was inspired to make this card after purchasing 3,400 yards of red twine. I knew I wanted to do something cool with it, and after much experimentation, I figured out how to make these neat patterns! I think this would be a great ‘just because’ card to surprise your significant other, or perhaps a cute way to break the ice with your crush.

They are for sale here!

Triangle Note Cards

7 Mar

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was very busy. I spent some time at the flea market, I painted my bathroom, and I tried to get my apartment cleaned up, a plan that was foiled by my dryer dying. I then went on to make a nice big hole in my freshly painted bathroom wall when I was trying to put up a towel rack. Then I decided I’d done enough damage and called it a weekend!

This past week I was busy making some new items for my shop! I am so excited for spring, and I think it is showing in my designs, as I was loving some bright colors and geometric shapes. Keep your eyes peeled for more products!

Today I am sharing triangle note cards. I’ve been a little obsessed with triangles lately, and I had some neon paper laying around, so it worked out! The cards have a blank interior, and they come with envelopes. Check them out here.