Although I have lived in Raleigh for most of my life, I am hopeless at imitating a Southern accent. It is the little things that bring me the most joy, from buying new shampoo, taking polaroid pictures of my favorite people and places, anything made on a letterpress (especially if I’m the one making it) die cuts, sparkly paper, cable television and office supplies, particularly post-it notes.

I try to make the most of Raleigh’s beautiful weather by being outdoors as much as possible, but if I’m not outside, you can probably find me hunched over the computer, working on a design project

Since graduating from North Carolina State University in 2010, I have been putting my bachelor’s degree in graphic design to good use. My goal is to help make the world a place where great graphic design is the standard, not the exception. With each project, I strive to continue my education, and grow in my passion. Nothing makes me happier than a job well done, and I won’t stop working until I’m happy.

Does this sound good to you? I am currently looking for freelance work. I can help you with branding, posters, book design, website design, etc. Visit my professional portfolio! Or you can visit my Etsy shop.

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