Yudid it!

7 Nov

I’m having a lazy morning. This is partially because I worked until 11 on Friday night (if I’m going to share the good, I should probably share the not-ideal too, right?) and also because David and I are on the cusp of some major closet cleaning, and the office is a huge mess right now.

Anyway, it’s fitting I’m just lounging around on the couch this morning, because I had a nice, lazy weekend. I hardly left the house, I calligraph(ied? calligraphed?) a bunch of things – I bet you thought I had given that up – and not to brag, but I’m getting MUCH better. My first attempts looked like a fourth grader learning cursive, but I’m finally getting somewhere.

Another great thing that happened this weekend was that I purchased a ‘personal’ screen printer!

I learned to screen print in school. It spoiled me. They had a nice big industrial exposure table, a room specifically for washing out the screens, with different mixtures of chemicals for me to use depending on what step in the process I was at, and a dark cabinet for letting my emulsion-coated screens dry. Sure, it was not so great when someone stole my screens out of the room, but for the most part it was a great place to screen print, and I felt pretty unprepared to do so outside of the comfort of school. There have been many times when I’ve thought about trying to sneak back in and use their equipment, but that just isn’t feasible.

So after a year or so of putting that on the back burner, my time finally came. I found the Yudu personal screen printer, which is awesome because it comes with a light table, and can be hacked to use non Yudu-branded materials. It basically functions as a much smaller and more contained version of what I used at school, and I think it is a great solution for my space/budgetary needs right now. I am so excited to use it.

It feels like I won a contest or something, since because they are coming out with a new version in the next month or two, they have been on clearance at Michaels. This is great, because they are 1/3 of the original price, but it was a bitch to find them. I called around to the local stores, and none of them had any in stock. Then I called a place about an hour and a half away, and they had two. They said that they could transfer one to a more local store, but when I called five days later, they didn’t have any record of that, and had sold their remaining stock.

I called ANOTHER store in the same area, and spoke to a guy who said he was coming to Raleigh and could bring it to a store close to me, but when I called the next day to see when he was arriving, I was told that the machine they had was broken, so it would be a no-go.

At this point, I was obsessed with getting to this screen printer. I felt like I was on some sort of quest, and if I actually got one in my hands, it would mean I could succeed at anything. This screen printer and I were meant to be together. So I called one more store, in the next city over. They had two. They could hold it. I immediately got in the car and drove over there, and procured my prize.

Just remember: You can do anything you put your mind to.

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