You Don’t Really Mean That..

2 Nov

I check my spam filters pretty regularly, as sometimes important emails can get trapped in there. I check my spam comments too, since those far outweigh my real comments, and I want to make sure nothing’s getting stuck!

So far, there hasn’t been anything in there that shouldn’t be, but the nonsensical comments are kind of interesting to me. Some of them sound so close to being real.. but something’s off. I saved the two below because they made me laugh out loud.

First of all, there was no thread. Second, why does saying that coffee machines and espresso makers are going to be a popular holiday item warrant a Just Sayin!? Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I thought that was the new ‘no offense.’


I will get right on fixing that thing. Right after I find the attention I’m searching for. On my public blog.

One Response to “You Don’t Really Mean That..”

  1. Gennie at 5:57 pm #

    I used to get those spam emails that were basically copied and pasted a paragraph from a novel. They always cracked me up.

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