Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

It is cold and rainy here, which is really putting a damper on the evenings festivities, but after such a fun weekend, I can’t really complain. We had a Halloween party this weekend, which I will humbly submit was a huge success. I went a little nuts decorating – turns out I really like fake cobwebs.

Doesn’t it look spooky? I have come to realize that I really love throwing parties. I get a lot of enjoyment out of planning and preparing for them, and having a party is just as fun as going out with your friends – except you don’t have to pay for each drink and you don’t have to drive anywhere.

I was also really proud of my costume.

I look like a total goober here, but you get the idea.

I guess it would actually be pretty weather appropriate if I cared to wear it again tonight, but my legs would be cold… Because I’m the Morton Salt girl!

So we definitely celebrated Halloween in style, and now I am enjoying all of the leftover snacks and candy.

On Sunday, I went to my parent’s house and we carved pumpkins, which is a family tradition. We have a lot of family traditions, but  this one is really fun, and I think the pumpkin I carved with my mom turned out pretty great.


Happy Halloween!

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