Design Sponge In Raleigh!

25 Oct

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Since I was little, I’ve always been into decorating my space. I remember being so excited when the latest issue of Martha Stewart reached our home – at age 10. I was always planning how I would decorate my apartment when I finally had one, and since that’s actually happened, I’ve almost always had some kind of home project in the works. It’s really important to me that our apartment is as homey as possible. I feel lucky that I live in a time where I have access to unlimited inspiration and do it yourself instructions, and no longer have to wait for Martha to show up in my mailbox. Although of course I still subscribe to MSL. Come on.

Anyway, this lead up is just to say that of course I have been reading Design*Sponge for years. I don’t check my feed every day, but any time I feel stuck in a rut, home wise, it’s the first place I turn. It’s just such a wonderful source of carefully curated interiors and I’m always inspired. When Domino folded, my Mom was heartbroken, so I sent her some online links that might ease the pain, and Design*Sponge was the top of the list. She loved it, of course, so when I learned of Design*Sponge At Home, it was a no brainer for her birthday present.

I’m not gonna lie, the book was kind of a present for me, too, because I also got to read it, and I loved it. It’s an enjoyable read, and I especially loved the sneak peeks of different homes around the world. It’s a book that I’m definitely going to come back to (read: borrow from my mom again) whenever my next decorating hurdle pops up.

I was excited to see that Grace was coming to North Carolina for a book signing, and last night Mom and I made our way to Anthropologie to get her book signed. We were bummed that we missed out on the craft event, because there wasn’t a reading or anything afterward, but the upside was we were almost the first in line to get signed. Grace is really nice in person, and she was kind enough to pose for a photo.

Not sure where the sorority girl squat came from..

I actually didn’t know until recently that Grace started on her own pretty young, and she started her blog when she was my age! I keep sort of a running list in my head of people who did their own thing successfully early on in life, so I can remind myself that it can be done when I’m feeling down, and she definitely made the cut.

Sometimes I feel down because I feel like I should be further along in my career at this point in my life, even though I only started on this particular phase 3 and a half months ago. I was feeling that way last night, until I left the book signing, and realized that that could be me in 7 years! Hopefully at some point I will look back on this time and be like “oh man! Those were good times! Time to go hang out in my mansion, and think about how successful I am.”

Do you guys have any sources of inspiration that you look to when you’re feeling down? Any heroes? When you’re making a tough decision, do you ever ask yourself “What would so and so do?”

2 Responses to “Design Sponge In Raleigh!”

  1. Kathy at 1:21 pm #

    I actually think of my friend Traci. (I like to keep my admiration local!) She is an amazing woman who in college was an elite volleyball player. She later went on to become a head women’s volleyball coach at a very young age and now in addition to running her own company she is the Mom of 2 lovely daughters (who will also be elite college volleyball players soon). Traci accomplishes so many things in a day, but whenever I call her or see her she manages to find some time to catch up. I find her energy and enthusiasm very inspirational so whenever I start to think how can I do all of this??…I just think of Traci.

    I also find D*S inspirational. Especially the Biz Ladies section 🙂

    • Alison at 1:26 pm #

      That’s so true! I think it’s also amazing how she is always so cheerful and nice whenever I see her. Like Gretchen Rubin says, it is easy to be heavy, hard to be light. 🙂

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