24 Oct

This weekend I went to the State Fair. The fair gets a lot of reactions around here – people either seem to love it or hate. There are plenty of reasons to hate it – it’s overwhelming and filled with gross foods, parts of Raleigh are basically inaccessible while it’s going on, my friends used to not be able to come to my birthday parties because that was the day their family went to the fair – but I still love it.

I’m not sure why, I don’t really eat the food, and I don’t go on any rides (they are held together with duct tape and a prayer – I would rather not take my chances). It just feels like fall. I love the people watching (and believe me, there is quite a lot to watch), and the giant prize winning vegetables. It’s so fun to see the animals. One year, we found a barn filled with giant rabbits. We have never been able to find it again, but we always look. I love how the whole thing is so disorienting that I can never find my way around, even though I’ve been attending most of my life. It’s amazing how it can move in and transform what is essentially a glorified parking lot into something completely unfamiliar.

Most of all, I love the lights. Some may think they are gaudy, but I think there’s something beautiful about them.

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