Do You Ever..

20 Oct

Just look at everything that needs to be done and feel overwhelmed? I do. This has been kind of a weird week for me. I didn’t have as much work that I HAD to do as I anticipated, and that free time, coupled with me still not feeling 100% meant that I spent a lot of time not doing anything useful. There’s a lot that I need to do – but the problem is that I only have a vague idea of what needs to be done. I need to sit down and get it organized, but it feels overwhelming, and lately I haven’t felt up to the challenge.

Usually I feel so bad when this happens. I force myself to sit in front of the computer and feel horrible when the day is mostly gone, and I still haven’t accomplished anything. I think about every person I admire, and how much they’ve accomplished, and then I give myself a lecture about how they didn’t get where they are today by sitting on their couch and being sucked into the social media vortex, MISSY. I tell myself that I need to get moving, PRONTO, and that tomorrow better be super productive, and then…. Nothing happens.

Obviously, that wasn’t doing me any good, so I decided to break the cycle today. I went on a midday walk with Liz, and now I’m at a coffee shop. I decided that being creative is similar to being a teenage girl. The ups are really high, and the downs are really low. You sleep either a lot, or not much at all.

I have two modes – super productive crazy lady, or off. I will do the time every day, but when I’m not feeling it, things don’t get done. That’s stupid. I waste so much time sitting in front of the computer, when, if I’m not feeling creative or inspired, sometimes I can benefit from just walking away. My new plan is to uh, put a plan in place – figure out low level tasks that I can complete when I’m not feeling it, a timeline for the things I NEED to accomplish so I have a good grasp on where I am. And if I’m just really not getting anything done, I’m going to try closing the computer and walking away. An hour in a museum, or a library will ultimately be so much more productive than 3 days spent looking like I’m working, but actually doing very little.

I found this list on Design Crush, which is an awesome blog.

via Design Crush, via Shiny Squirrel



I think the list is very helpful, especially 6, 7, and 16. It’s a good reminder that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and instead of beating myself up I should relax, and let the creativity flow.

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