My Life As An Invitation Designer

19 Oct

I have just begun working on some custom invitation suites, and I have been scouring the internet for some good inspiration. At the beginning of a project, I usually get a little overwhelmed and the creative side of my brain will shut down, leaving me feeling like I will never design anything good ever again. It’s not too dramatic, don’t worry about it. One way I try to combat that is to gather inspiring images and let it all simmer for a while. Usually something good will float to the surface. It only takes one idea to be off and running.

Anyway, beyond scouring my usual stationery blogs, I turned to Etsy to see what else was out there in terms of wedding stationery. Of course, I was not disappointed.

Peter and Reid's Invitations, Invitation Crush


I’ve been really into hand lettering lately, and this is a stunning example. I also love the painted edges – such a simple step but it really elevates the design.

Addison Wedding Sample, Sweet Azalea Boutique

I have been having a major watercolor moment, and this sweet, simple invitation uses the watercolor texture in an unexpected way. The best part is, the monogram could be used on all the paper goods, not just the invitations.

Modern Black + White Wedding Invitations, Invitation Crush

I am totally in love with these. They are so simple and modern, but they don’t look budget. The theme is expanded upon throughout the paper goods, but it looks consistent, not repetitive.

Custom Chalkboard Card, ellothere

I’m a sucker for some beautiful black + white script. What makes these so cool is that parts of the invitation are actually chalkboard, and guests can indicate their reply by circling yes or no with a piece of chalk. How cool is that?

Where do you turn for inspiration? I always have an eye out for new design blogs!

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