Stuck In A Rut

5 Oct

I have been really boring lately. I do the same thing more or less every day, I eat the same foods (seriously, if you knew how many tacos I’ve eaten recently you would be disgusted and a little impressed) and I wear the same clothes. I’m not complaining. I repeat these behaviors because I enjoy doing them (see: tacos), and after over a year of stressful uncertainty, it is really quite nice to have a good idea of how my week, month and year will go, if I want it to.

However, I was in yoga class last night, and our teacher had us lay with a block under our shoulder blades, to ‘open our hearts’. Usually when the yoga teachers start giving us this kind of semi-faux-spiritual pep talk about ‘staying in the moment’ and ‘becoming one with the earth’, it’s lost on me, but this guy actually said something that I liked, and that’s why he is my most favorite teacher, and I wish he taught more than once a week.

He said that sometimes it’s good to lift yourself out of your groove, and evaluate if you are doing what you’re doing because that’s what’s best for you, as opposed to just a habit. I suspect that he was speaking about physical movements, as we went on to do some modified block poses, but I thought that it was sage advice for life, as well. Like Gretchen Rubin, I want to live in an atmosphere of growth, and challenge myself to do things that aren’t necessarily comfortable for me.

I don’t have any big revelation, or changes in store, but I think this is something helpful to keep in mind. For me, I think it means cultivating a more adventurous spirit, and instead of mulling actions over for a million years, just going for it.

Also, if you haven’t read The Happiness Project, you really, really should. I am rereading it right now, and I swear, just the act of reading it again makes me happier.

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