In Search Of The Perfect Coffee Shop

3 Oct

Yesterday, my friend and I were taking a lovely autumn walk, and talking about how we both have a serious coffee shop need. Since I freelance, I like to get out of the house sometimes and work at a coffee shop. This is often easier said than done. Although there is no shortage of coffee places around here, my list of requirements is long and specific, and I have a hard time filling them all.

My perfect coffee shop must:

+ either have reliable parking or be within walking distance

+ not be too crowded, but not be too empty

+ not have a lot of people I know as regulars

+ have really good coffee – otherwise I’m just tempted to stay home and drink my delicious coffee

+  have plugs available

+ have free internet

+ not be very far away

+ must have the right atmosphere

I have tried working at one particular coffee shop, which used to be a favorite of mine, but unfortunately it got too crowded, too many people I knew started going there, and their coffee started tasting like battery acid.  There’s a coffee shop within walking distance of me, but the ceilings are really high, and and it’s attached to another building, so it doesn’t feel like a coffee shop.

I know my perfect coffee shop is out there, waiting for me, but I have to put myself out there! Starting today, I’m giving the shops in my area another try, until I find the one that’s right for me.

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