26 Sep

It’s not even 12 on Monday, and I can already tell that this week is going to be wild. And not in a fun, let’s get wild kind of way, but more like you-will-never-have-more-than-five-uninterrupted-minutes kind of way.


So let’s talk about the weekend instead!


I had a really nice weekend. It started early, when David and his friend came over directly from work. I didn’t realize they were coming, so I was dressed to impress in a threadbare, see through shirt with squash stains on it, and greasy unkempt hair. I don’t transition easily, so I was a little dazed and inarticulate from not talking to anyone all day for about 20 minutes, but I rallied.

The next day I went bridesmaid dress shopping with a (bride) friend. I got to try on a bunch of pretty dresses, and I realized that I totally need a gown in my life. I used to think that big poofy gowns were not for me, but surprise! They totally are. I am hoping that we get to buy our dresses soon, even though the wedding is not for another year, so I can wear it around the house.


The best part of my weekend though, was when I stopped by my parent’s house. My mom and I were talking about how David and I have a seating deficit, and my plans to buy some things like a church pew and an upholstered chair at some point. One thing led to another… and I was driving home with a car full of stuff that I snagged from her attic.


Hooray for impromptu redecorating!

I realized I haven’t ever posted photos of what my living room looks like, so it’s not going to be a very dramatic transformation for you.. I found a couple of photos that give a pretty good idea of what it used to look like. It is not my fault that most of them involve my dog. In fact, you should just consider that ‘luck’.


So these are all from varying times in the past year, and I move stuff around a lot. Basically, everything was pretty okay, but I was starting to feel like things were a little bare, and you couldn’t tell the personality of the people who live here. Part of that is because I still (STILL) don’t have any personal photos printed, despite the plethora of empty frames just waiting for a photo to fill them, but another part was because we didn’t have much stuff. I hate it when things constantly look cluttered, but the down side to that is that every surface was hard and bare. Also, sorry these pictures are kind of grainy. I am always taking pictures with my phone, but I should probably start using a real camera..


So I had those sketches from college, when I bought them at the flea market to decorate my first dorm room. I got made fun of a lot for having ‘naked’ pictures in my room, but those children didn’t understand that they are art. Hopefully nobody will make fun of me now that I’m an adult. The bench was sitting under my mom’s porch, rotting, so she said I could borrow it. I sanded it down so nobody would get a splinter from sitting on it, and at some point I want to put some pillows and maybe a cushion on it. I wonder if Caspian will be upset if I put his dog bed on it? Probably. The poster belongs to my brother, but he said I could use it. I want to keep adding warm neutral things to the gallery wall, so eventually the entire wall will be covered in warm neutral art, all the way to the floor. Also, if you look in the bottom left corner, you can see one of two $8 bar stools that I got from Craigslist. Score!

The rocking chair is the same chair my mom used to rock me to sleep in! (aww…) She also had that little galvanized metal side table, which replaced the trunk in the photo below. I have to do something about the cord situation, but I like the way this corner has turned out. It’s like a tiny library. I LOVE that fan. We don’t use it very often, but I think it looks so cool and retro.

The corner next to the piano used to have nothing in it, and it looked sort of weird and empty. When I get around to plugging that lamp in, it will add some nice light to this room. The globe is another childhood thing. It looks fancy, but actually it’s made of cardboard and held together in some spots with tape. I love it, because I love globes.

This is some art that used to be above the couch, but is now above the tv. I’ve been moving these pieces around constantly, but I think I’ve finally found a permanent home for them. That spot is hard to fill, since the tv and the lamp make it awkward, but I love the bright colors, and how they add lightness to all the dark wood and black and chrome.


The most important part of all of this is that now people can come over and not have to sit on the floor! Movie night is going to be so much cooler now that Caspian won’t be able to paw anyone in the face.


He doesn’t think it will be cooler. Wamp waaamp.

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