Happy Birthday Dad!

23 Sep

This is my father eating a hot dog. This is the first hot dog I have seen him eat in my lifetime.

This week it was my dad’s birthday. We celebrated by taking a 3 hour walk and then making him take us out to dinner.

Actually, it was really fun to spend the day with him, and I made him a fudge ice cream cake that was a pretty big hit, even though it sort of melted to one side, so all in all it was a success.

This was Dad's birthday last year, when he was still eating gluten, and didn't need a frozen cake. Please note Caspian's little nose pokin up into the frame. He and Dad have a very special connection, aka Dad loves him a lot and tries to overfeed him.


One of the things that I love the most about my dad is that when he really loves something, he is blind to its faults. For example, he is a big fan of Caspian. When Caspian went to my parents house the other day, and started gnawing on a wooden table leg, I was horrified, because that is weird dog behavior. My dad, however, responded by giving him lots of hugs, and asking how I could yell at that fuzzy face. He’s a big fan of Star Wars, and even though a lot of people think that the first three movies were corny (especially the love scenes… just sayin.) he thinks they’re great. He is the biggest fan of Apple who ever lived, and there is not a person in the world who could convince him that Apple is not the best computer on the face of the planet. This extends to people, too. He once told me that if you were truly friends with someone, you could never say anything bad about them behind their back, and you would stand up for them no matter what the situation, and they would do the same for you.


Speaking of things he told me when I was younger, he has a lot of sayings. He told me that trust was like a cookie, and once it was gone you could never rebake it, that every day and in every way, you use your brain, and my personal favorite: When there’s food in our mouth, we do not speak. (This one was developed for my younger brother, who talks incessantly, regardless of whether or not he’s eating.)

This was a sweet vineyard we went to in California. We got to go to the upstairs bar for special people, and the wine bartenders gave us like 6 cups of wine and Mom had to drive us home.


Dad is also very positive. David’s sister told me once that she really liked my dad because he was always smiling. It’s true. He’s also really funny. Growing up, we were always laughing. He’s a great sport, now that Daniel and I are older, and like to make fun of our parents. We’re always teasing him, or remembering funny things from our childhood that weren’t so funny at the time (like once when I was 13, I went to the mall and bought some french fries, and my health conscious parents found the receipt, and sat me down and had this LONG discussion with me about why I made that decision, and didn’t I know that french fries were so bad for me, and why did I hide it from them? Guys, that was literally the worst thing I did as a teenager. I sometimes bought junk food and ate it in secret. I think you should count yourselves lucky.) He always laughs along, and can tease with the best of them.


I love this picture. I have no idea what's going on, but I think it's great.

He’s also very musical. Sometimes it’s a little embarrassing when he bursts into song in, say, a restaurant or a crowded mall, but I love his appreciation for music, and I’m glad he passed it down to me. Did you know he was in a band? He was. They were called the Corporation, and their uniforms were collared shirts. I wish there was a picture, because I know it was awesome.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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