I Updated My Website Again

22 Sep

This is what I was going to talk about earlier this week, but then I actually had other things going on to write about, so it got bumped. The more you know.

(Speaking of NBC, can I just take a moment to publicly announce how excited I am that my stories are coming back on the air? Last night was Modern Family and then we watched Tuesday’s new episode of Glee, and I was just so excited. Tonight is only ALL OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS, except for 30 Rock, and I just found out that there are 5 more episodes of Psych on Hulu that I haven’t seen. I read books, too, but it’s not as fun to talk about.)

My website is something that I am constantly tinkering with, mostly because by the time I finish one design, I’m on to the next one. By the time my last website design was actually live, I sort of hated it, and I was just too discouraged to redo it for a while. I’m much more pleased with how this one turned out, and – bonus! – it is now an accurate representation of my body of work/abilities. I still have a lot of work to put up, and I’m already thinking of some design tweaks, but for the most part, I’m super happy with how it turned out.

I drew this type by hand. I have been interested in getting into hand lettering for a while, as evidenced by my sudden passion for calligraphy, so this was really rewarding (and frustrating!) to do. Spoiler alert – you will see it again when my blog redesign finally happens.

My new website is fairly simple, and mainly focuses on my work. I wanted it to be easy to navigate, and get a quick overview of what I do. Again, I still have some updates I need to make (like being able to add explanations to my projects..) but you should check it out, because I have a ton of new projects up.

Of course, David is the amazing one because he coded all of this. I have to say, it is really, REALLY convenient having a boyfriend who is a genius at computers. He somehow takes my vague explanations and laughably poor attempts at ‘getting the code started’ for him and makes exactly what I want. He’s the best!

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