Everyday Design – Egg Edition

7 Sep


In my house, we go through a lot of eggs. So we’ve seen a lot of egg cartons. This design is by far my favorite. It’s simple and unassuming (I sound like Gordon Ramsey – fresh! simple foods!) it is a good continuation of the Fresh Market’s brand, and it isn’t trying to trick you into buying it. Eggs are eggs – and it’s incredibly frustrating to have to stand in the freezing cold dairy aisle and try to figure out which eggs are the ones you want.


I like how the design is fully dependent on the type. There’s a little bit of a pattern, but for the most part it’s nice and simple. It looks like it belongs to the Fresh Market product family without hitting you over the head with the logo. They do this with the colors, and the stripe pattern, which you can see on the corn bag that I linked to. It has the same retro-ish feel going on, just like when you walk into one of their stores, and I especially love the yellow shadow detail on the type. Even though this is a pretty basic seeming design, there is definitely some attention to detail if you look closely.

The last thing I will point out is how the design is printed right on the egg carton. I love this. The texture comes through the ink, giving it a rugged feel, and since it’s printed on a grey, it dulls the colors enough that they all work together. Many egg cartons try to hide the carton material (or they’re made out of styrofoam – gross) but this shows that it’s possible to work with even the least desirable surfaces. In fact, I would argue that you should never try to hide the product that you’re designing for. It usually looks cheap, and creates  discord, like this. There is way too much going on there, and the bright label makes the egg carton look sad and weird.


Good job, Fresh Market! And please get rid of your giant candy display – it’s making me want foods I haven’t thought of in years, like licorice wheels and giant lollipops.

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