Monday on a Tuesday

6 Sep

This is probably weird – but I love when I get my days mixed up. Today feels unmistakably like a Monday, but since it’s actually Tuesday, this week will fly by. It’s been hard to get back into the swing of things so far. I had to drag myself out of bed, and the fact that my dog has been noisily licking himself for the past HOUR is not helping my concentration. Neither is the tornado warning in my state (?!) Buses going past my window sound just like what I think tornadoes might sound like, which means my heart stops every fifteen minutes.

It’s especially hard to let go of this weekend because it was such a nice one. It was a good mixture of friends and relaxation, saying goodbye to the pool and hello to fall. We went back to school shopping (ha) and I have to say a nice sweater at Labor Day sale price certainly did take the sting out of summer ending.

This week I am getting back to work for reals, shaking off my late summer ennui and getting things done. But right now, I have to go hide in a closet for a little bit because the wind is scaring meee.

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