I feel the Earth move..

24 Aug

Yesterday, my mom took me to Costco so I could stock up on double stick tape and lightbulbs. Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t carry these items, but it was still fun. We were driving home, stopped at a red light, when the car started shaking. It felt like someone was standing on the back bumper, bouncing up and down. It kept on the whole time we were at the red light, but it stopped when we drove away. I thought it was the engine being weird or something, but it turns out it was just a minor NATURAL DISASTER. It didn’t even occur to me that it could be an earthquake until David texted me from work asking if I’d felt it.

You guys. I was so pumped.

First of all, I’m never alert enough to catch the big group experience things. We’ve had minor tremors before that I don’t feel, once there was an EXPLOSION right down the street from where I lived and I didn’t even notice. (Nobody was hurt, I’m not a total monster.) So to be able to say yes. Yes I did feel that and it was crazy, is super exciting. Especially because it didn’t adversely affect anyone.

I have this weird love affair with natural disasters. I wouldn’t wish the devastation they cause on anyone, but I think they are just fascinating. I wanted to be a volcanologist for a while, because I love volcanoes so hard. That idea came to an abrupt end when I realized how many math and science courses I’d have to take.  I have recurring dreams about tornadoes, and it’s on my bucket list to see one. A small one. From a safe distance. I don’t think I can go about arranging that, I just have to hope for the best. I’ve been in several bad hurricanes as a kid, and for the most part, stuff like this doesn’t faze me. Because, isn’t it so cool? Doesn’t it just blow your mind that we hurtling through space on a rock that is made up of big plates floating around on LIQUID FIRE? And sometimes they move and twitter blows up, because seemingly everyone on the East Coast felt it?

I can only hope for a volcano to pop up near my home soon.

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