My Own Personal Video Challenge

13 Aug

Lately, I’ve been really inspired by video. (Like this, this, this, or this) I’ve always been interested in documenting my life, but there’s something about those short films that document a specific moment that really draw me in. My favorite part of my last family trip was when we busted out the family videos. It got me thinking about how I used to be great at documenting the everyday – I had a lot of stuff, but I never felt like it was taking away from my experience of whatever it was I was doing.

I also think it’s important to do creative things/have hobbies that aren’t directly connected to what I do. I love designing – but if it’s the weekend and I am not working, I need something to do! So my challenge is this: Not really a challenge. You shouldn’t have goals for your hobbies, duh. What I do want is to make more videos through the end of the year. Even if I never edit them or do anything with them, when I’m having a good time, I want to remember to pull out the camera for a few seconds. Even if I’m just sitting on the couch with David.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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