Good lord it’s been a month already?

8 Aug


Oh goodness gracious. Allow me to begin this post with a little story.

I was slumbering not so peacefully the other night (seriously, in the past couple of weeks I’ve awoken to think I saw someone standing over my bed – a mean trick of the shadows – there have been a lot of thunderstorms, and I’ve been having exceptionally vivid dreams.. I think I need to drop my little extra cup of coffee in the afternoon habit right back on the ground) and I had a dream. I was at a Goodwill, but it was a different company from the Goodwill we all know and love. I was chatting with some executives, as I tend to do, and they told me to come in the next day for an interview, and I would be guaranteed a job. As I was preparing for my interview, I realized that I didn’t want to do any of it. I like the job I have now, and I didn’t think I wanted to give it up.

This sums up how freelance is going for me right now. I woke up, and the dream dissolved, but the basic sentiment remained the same. I really like it!



My Goals For Month 1

* Grow my Etsy shop exponentially. – Still working on this one! Definitely have made a lot of progress.

* Redesign my website. NOPE.

* Streamline the not-fun aspects of freelancing.
This is in progress as well. I have taken steps.

* Become a better blogger.
I wouldn’t say that being ‘better’ at blogging is a goal to be reached, but I have been way more consistent at blogging, so I’m counting it as a win.


+ What if I become a shut-in and don’t ever talk to anyone except for David/my family again? I am actually socially busier than ever! I don’t know what I’m doing, but I guess I am doing it well.

+ What if nobody is interested in hiring me?  I actually have more to do than I thought I would!

+ What if I never wear real clothes again? Yeah… about that. I need to go buy some nicer ‘lounge’ clothes, because the giant Planet Fitness t/no pants/hair in an unbrushed braid/no makeup is not a good look for me.

+ What if I can’t find any good music to listen to and the silence slowly drives me insane?  Pandora/Netflix have taken care of that for me.

+ What if I become a crazy person who talks to her dog like he’s a human? (Oh wait..) I need to accept that this is not so much a ‘fear’ and more of a ‘reality’.

+ What if I cut my finger off with an X-acto and slowly bleed to death because I can’t get to the phone in time? (maybe I should get a life-alert?) This is still a big issue for me. I have added, choking, and falling, breaking both my elbows and being unable to dial my phone to this list.



My biggest problem right now is organization. It is extraordinarily difficult to organize my days, and feel productive by the end of them. A typical day for me looks like this:

+ Wake up. Eat breakfast with David, send him off, etc.

+ Think about what I want to accomplish today.

+ Start working.

+ Email! From someone who needs something from me!

+ Feel torn between completing task, or completing client request.

+ Complete client request, return to task.

+ Phone call! More new stuff to do.

+Ping pong back and forth. Finally get back to task, for reals this time.

+ Yoga/David comes home/Previously scheduled appointment comes up. End day feeling semi productive but also frustrated that it takes days to complete anything.


This is hard, because I want to be accessible to the people who are willing to pay me money to do work for them, but I also want to, you know, get things done.


Also, my desk got real messy:


My Goals for Month 2:

+ Relaunch Etsy shop with new products and a new gameplan.

+ Actually redesign my website. I need to stop procrastinating and do it.

+ Finish some client work and get the whole invoicing/billing thing all smoothed out.

+ Talk to an accountant. (My, that sounds responsible)

+ Come up with a work flow that allows me to be accessible AND productive. I have already taken steps on this one. Many of the steps involve coming to terms with the fact that it’s okay not to read and respond to email instantly. People can wait 15 minutes.

+ Get office organized. This is not so much a ‘goal’ as it is a ‘nerd-out waiting to happen’. File folders, here I come! This is gonna take at LEAST 2 trips to Office Depot, boy oh boy!

+ Get out of the office more! I had these dreams of always working at coffee shops, being too cool for school with my feather extensions and pierced nose (I have neither of these things). I haven’t left the office to work hardly at all because I always plan to make more Etsy stuff, and that requires a lot of supplies. I think it’s hard to be creative and stay fresh being by yourself all the time, and not being out in the world, even if the world is a little coffee shop table. I also have big dreams of working poolside. The pool closes in a month, so I better jump on it. Honestly, I want to take advantage of the wonderful freedom of schedule that I have right now, and not spend my life in the same place at the same time every day.

Phew, this ended up being a long post. (over 900 words!) I certainly do love taking stock. In a nutshell, I love it, I’m getting better at it every day, I can’t wait to show you all the new stuff I’ve been doing!



My Freelance Life:

Read about day 1 here

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