I’m a fan

1 Aug

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I accomplished almost everything on my list. I also took in an outdoor movie, learned how to play Skip-Bo, and cooked a lot. I made these bacon-wrapped baked eggs, which were insanely good. They also reheated well, and were kind of portable, so who knows? All you need is a bloody mary in a thermos, and you’ve got brunch on the go! (Don’t do that. You’ll get arrested.) It was also a very rainy weekend, which is excellent for doing home projects. It is not so excellent for spray painting, but I made it.

I woke up this morning feeling like I was hit by a train, and then had the hardest yoga class of my life. It was so hard, you guys. I learned that sometimes I can be  grossed out by how flexible people can be. The class was a little awkward for me, because it was a small group of women, and I think they were all stay at home moms and they’d all been taking this class together for months and months. I felt out of place, especially since I was the least advanced yoga practitioner by a long shot.  And my mat was really squeaky, and it was extra quiet in there. On the plus side, I did crow pose for the first time without falling on my face.


My office is slowly coming together. This weekend, I painted the fan.

It was a big dark funsucker just hovering above me. The fan blades were this weird 70s wood laminate type stuff, and it was a big downer on my white, bright office space. (By the way, how do we feel about maybe painting the walls seafoam? I’m not loving the white, and I always love the 50s..)

It was surprisingly easy to take the blades off. I was most afraid of this part, mostly because I figured I’d never be able to put it back together and things would be falling off and killing people left and right, but it was pretty simple.

The grossest part was the nice, thick layer of dust on the blades. This room used to be the roommate room, and I think it’s safe to say in the 3 years I’ve lived here, nobody ever dusted the fan. Maybe nobody dusted it when I moved in. I don’t know. I’d rather not think about it.

The cool part was this neat little detail around the base of the lamp part of the fan. I love the cut outs. They remind me of Orla Kiely. The lamp bit was quite dirty too. I washed everything.

Hello weird little frankenfan. You look like a weapon.

At first I didn’t listen to the designsponge instructions, and tried to paint my chevrons using a paper template. This looked like crap. The paint was super thin, and it would glob up. If you’re thinking of doing this, or really any small painting project requiring tape, just go ahead and buy some frisket film. That stuff is amazing.

The frisket film looks cool and shiny by itself. It would be super neat as a completely removable, but very subtle detail.

The finished product! I love it. The gold comes out really brown in this photo, but in real life it’s a nice, subtle shimmery gold that almost perfectly matches the fan equipment. I originally thought I would go with grey or black, but I thought that gold would tie everything together, and look more intentional.  It is crazy what a difference it makes in the room. I didn’t think it would be that drastic, but it just makes the room look much more finished.

Also, check out this blog post! I contributed the place cards, menus, and table name. I think it turned out pretty cool.

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