Father’s Day!

29 Jun

Something awesome about being a graphic designer who also has an online card shop is the fact that whenever a holiday rolls around, I usually just happen to have an appropriate card laying around. It makes me feel a little bit like a superhero.

So when David asked me if I could whip something up for his family’s late Father’s Day celebration, I took it as a challenge to make something so great that his dad might not believe it was homemade.

I’ve been thinking about how to challenge myself using the tools I already have for a while now, since I like making things at home, and I don’t have the room for expensive printing equipment at the moment, and it came to me.

POPUPS! Yeah, yeah, yeah… I was really excited with how this card turned out, and I’m even more excited to translate this into some other pieces. Popup anything was always super fun to make back in school, when you’d fold a piece of paper and glue a heart to it or something, and it’s even more fun to think outside the box, as it were.

I finished the card five minutes before David and I left to give it to his dad, so I don’t have any better pictures, but I thought it would be a fun sneak peek into what’s coming up in my Etsy shop..

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