On A Different Note..

23 May

Today I signed up to receive a Produce Box.  Basically what’s going to happen is for $22 a week, I will have fresh, locally grown produce delivered to my door. Like I am the queen of vegetables or something.

It’s so exciting to have such an easy and cost effective way to a) support local farms and b) have access to fantastic produce. Lately, I’ve undergone something of a food revolution, where I’ve been thinking more about where my food comes with, and what it’s made with. (This, combined with my life philosophy of ‘ if I’m going to eat it, it better taste incredible’ makes me a very picky eater all of a sudden!)

I’ve found myself wishing that I could do things like grow all of my own vegetables (and own chickens; who am I?!) but I don’t have the space, or the skills to even attempt something like that right now.

So I want to thank Produce Box for providing such a great service. I can’t wait to see, and taste, my first shipment!

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