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Kitchen Before/During

27 May

The view from the kitchen door. I had loved the bright color of the kitchen for quite some time, but I think it definitely contributed to the cluttered feel of the kitchen.


The sad, lonely pot rack. And the sad, unpainted shelf.


The kitchen sink and the only available counter space. It always ended up filled with dishes, and the tiny counter above the sink was a messy spice rack.

The kitchen sink and the only available counter space. It always ended up filled with dishes, and the tiny counter above the sink was a messy spice rack.

This wall was so messy and there was no possible way to keep it clean because it had to serve so many functions. Storage, laundry room, auxilary counter space... It was always a mess.


Looking out of the kitchen doorway.



I decided to go with a greenish light blue color and accent with bright pops of red. It makes the kitchen feel much more soothing, and it also brightens up the room quite a bit!

This coffee cart now holds Caspian’s food, and the white dish on it holds random fruit. I bought the rug on sale at Crate and Barrel in Ohio, and I love how perfectly it picks up the colors in the slate and the wall.

I love this pot rack. It holds all of my most important dishes, and most needed utensils. The spice rack keeps the spices contained, although I’m not sure that it’s going to stay, since a (very expensive) jar of fennel just fell out the other day, and shattered all over the floor. I also love how you can store the lids on top of the rack. Oh IKEA. You just get me.

This is the wall where the refrigerator and the washer and dryer used to be. I like this setup SO MUCH BETTER! It has tripled my counter space. I especially like the bar set up. During parties, people can stand on the other side and it’s almost like a real bar! It is also incredible to be able to be in the kitchen and hear what’s going on in the other rooms. It has really opened up the the whole apartment.

These are some cookie cutters that I have collected over the years. I think cookie cutters are so cool, and they have fun shapes that should be displayed for the other 99% of the time when they aren’t cutting out dough.

This is my little collection of ceramic things that go over the sink. These are the ONLY things that are allowed to go over the sink. Please note the dish rack in the bottom corner, keeping dishes under control since 2011.

Owlbert and Hoobert.

I hope everyone has a great memorial day weekend!


Drilling Through Canvas Is Harder Than You Think

26 May

The other day I was spending the morning doing nothing, when I decided that I would like to make a light wall behind the TV. Unfortunately, googling light wall didn’t produce much. I had this vision of twinkle lights hanging down, but I couldn’t think of a good, beautiful way to mount them.

I did see a project someone did where they made little flower shapes on a canvas and poked lights through. This seemed to be a much cleaner solution, and I came with an idea to use that concept, but way, way brighter.

It was pretty lucky, because Jerry’s Artarama had a canvas sale, and I got a HUGE canvas for cheapies. It was pretty unlucky though, because whatever way I tried, the canvas wouldn’t fit behind the TV.

So I moved some things around and put it next to my big mirror!

I am a little obsessed with chevrons right now, and big bold stripes seemed like the best way to have maximum impact and NOT use a hundred million lights. I marked out the blank stripes with masking tape, and then I marked where I wanted the lights to be with a pencil.

I thought it would be easy to make a hole in the canvas with a pin, but it turns out canvas is much sturdier than I thought, so I had to bust out the drill. The next step was poking all 700 twinkle lights through the holes, and making sure all of the strands were lined up correctly.

I really like how it looks. It has this nice soft glow, and it lights up the room. I’ve always loved these lights, and I’m glad I found a solution that doesn’t make my space look college-student-y. I don’t like that big ugly brown cord, but I’m going to get some conduit or something and fix that. (And the rest of the ugly wire situation that is rampant in the apartment. It wasn’t quite as worrisome until Caspian started randomly chewing on the occasional wire. It would be great if I didn’t come home to discover that he electrocuted himself, ala Christmas Vacation.)

That’s my latest project! If you are coming over any time soon, I will plug it in and talk about it a LOT. Lucky for you, I only keep it plugged in for short periods of time, because it throws heat like a boss, and I’m pretty sure if you leave it on for too long the canvas will burst into to flames. (Kidding. (I think.))

On A Different Note..

23 May

Today I signed up to receive a Produce Box.  Basically what’s going to happen is for $22 a week, I will have fresh, locally grown produce delivered to my door. Like I am the queen of vegetables or something.

It’s so exciting to have such an easy and cost effective way to a) support local farms and b) have access to fantastic produce. Lately, I’ve undergone something of a food revolution, where I’ve been thinking more about where my food comes with, and what it’s made with. (This, combined with my life philosophy of ‘ if I’m going to eat it, it better taste incredible’ makes me a very picky eater all of a sudden!)

I’ve found myself wishing that I could do things like grow all of my own vegetables (and own chickens; who am I?!) but I don’t have the space, or the skills to even attempt something like that right now.

So I want to thank Produce Box for providing such a great service. I can’t wait to see, and taste, my first shipment!

Friday Fix: Light Up

20 May

I am a sucker for beautiful lighting. Unfortunately roughly 1% of the lamps I love are within my price range. But they can’t stop me from looking…

Gilded Glow Floor Lamp - Anthropologie

Mobile Chandelier 4 - Michael Anastassiades

Far & Wide Sconce - Anthropologie

- Supermarket”]

Cafe String Lights - Remodelista

Wedding Roundup

19 May

A while back, I was offered the opportunity to participate in a wedding expo. This was exciting, however it meant that I spend about four straight days making products, so I would have something to showcase!

It was pretty fun.

Anyway, I have been slowly putting these suites up on Etsy, and I thought I’d share them here.

I like this one because it’s simple and elegant, but still a little modern. I’ve also really been digging blue and yellow together.

Okay, I admit it, I’m a little obsessed with triangles and neon lately. I really just wanted an opportunity to expand on the triangle note cards. I like these because they are die cut, so they have a really great texture and dimensionality. I also really love the idea of a neon wedding, so it would make me super happy if a couple actually wanted these without any color changes.

These would definitely be for a more unconventional couple. I loved making them, though. I’ve been working on some water color type for a while, and it was so fun to pair it with hand drawn type. I found that putting it on a patterned background really tied it together, as it looked a little unfinished before that.

This one is by far my favorite. As none of these were for clients, I didn’t have any kind of printing budget, so I made them on my home printers. I think that there are PLENTY of ways to make beautiful printed pieces without expensive printing methods. I printed this on foil paper using a simple laser printer, and I think the inexpensive printing method really enhanced the piece. It gave it this lovely texture that I don’t know that I could have gotten any other way. The best part is, it cuts down the printing costs somewhat, but it definitely doesn’t look it!

These were so super fun to make, and I can’t wait to help a real couple commemorate their special day.

Everyday Design

18 May

Last night I was making dinner when I realized that I should probably stick some sort of vegetable next to my pork chop. I was digging around the freezer looking at our frozen vegetable selection when I found this:

I just love it. I know it’s a very mundane thing to wax poetic over, but when you look at the alternative, I think it really justifies my stance that ALL design should be carefully considered, not just high brow things.

I mean, look at this. It’s simple, there is an established hierarchy, and it effectively showcases the product. I’ve noticed a lot of frozen food packages feature large photos of the food, except it’s so blown out of proportion and photoshopped that half the time you can barely tell what it is!

Let’s not get crazy, corn is corn, but I would much rather look at what I’m actually buying than some weird photo of corn kernels that are the size of my fist.

Anyway, good job to whomever designed this! Thanks for putting a product out there that is simple, effective, and beautiful.

Friday Fix: KITTENS!

6 May

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

New Business Cards!

4 May

I know I showed you a sneak peek of these earlier, but now I have a for realsies photo to show you!

I made these myself using my die cutter and my laser printer, and some sticker paper. I love the way expensive printing techniques look, but I am not always able to pay for such luxury! So, I have to make it myself.  As a graphic designer, I feel like I need to have a memorable calling card, as that might be the only way I have to ‘sell’ myself, and my products. These are exactly my style, since they feature bright colors, bold typography, and clean lines, with a little pattern thrown in.

Brown Bag Lunch

3 May

David takes his lunch to work in a brown bag. I think it would be awesome to get him something like this instead:

Brown Leather Bag

Mohawk General Store: $175.00

Love Citron Wedding Collection – Watercolor

2 May

I have always loved weddings. I love how romantic it is to stand up in front of your friends and family and celebrate your love for another person, I love the fun parties that come along with that, and most of all, I love how it is an opportunity to have a lot of great paper goods!

These invitations are hand water colored, and the great thing about them is that they can not only be customized to fit your needs (I can do everything from just the invitation to the full suite, including table cards, programs, etc) but they can also be customized to fit your budget! I printed these on my color printer, as they are samples, and I could do the same for you, if your budget is tighter. I could also get them professionally letterpressed or screenprinted, if you want a more luxe look!

They are up on Etsy, or you can get in touch with me directly to begin talking!