Summer Style

8 Apr

Around here, spring is definitely in the air (along with the not-so-exciting clouds of green pollen). It’s warm, leaves are popping out all over the place, and the sun is setting later and later. It’s getting me pumped up for summer! Summer is definitely my favorite season. I love how excited I get thinking about long days at the pool, coming into a cool and shady house after being in the heat, drinking frosty drinks and eating fresh fruits and salads, and watching the fireflies from the back porch. I also love summer style! I’m craving a few new things for this summer, including..

Friendship bracelets.

Image Via The Cupcaketologist

Did anyone else go through a really long phase where maybe they got the Zany Brainy book of friendship bracelets, go nuts attempting all of the complicated bracelets, and perhaps give up after several knotted failures? (I wonder where that book is now..) I totally forgot about these, but they’re back in a big way, and I am thinking a nice wide friendship cuff would be just the thing.

A white swimsuit.

I tried to find a picture of this but they were all a I got a white suit on sale this year, and I am excited to wear it once my summer tan hits, and I am not the same color as the suit! It’s super fresh and I’m hoping I can get through the season without spilling anything too stain-y on it.

A big floppy hat.

Image From Urban Outfitters

I tan very easily, but I am pretty into sun safety. I always wear my sunglasses to protect my eyes, but that leaves me with big old raccoon circles! My solution: a glam straw hat. Shades your face, prevents weird tan lines. SOLD.

Shiny Shoes

Urban Outfitters

I still love gladiator type sandals, and I love metallics, what could go wrong?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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