Ever Since I Planted These, Simon & Garfunkel Has Been Stuck In My Head

5 Apr

Recently I’ve been dreaming about cooking with fresh herbs that have grown in my garden! There were a couple of problems with this situation. The first was that I didn’t have outdoor space for a garden, although I do have a porch. The second is that I possess a lethal black thumb. I have enthusiastically tried to grow herbs a couple times, and they just never made it. I have resolved that this year will be different. So I headed to a local gardening store and got some seeds, and supplies.

It was a fun, easy afternoon project, and I began diligently watering almost immediately, since everyone says that the most important thing to helping seeds grow is lots of water. I mentioned it to my friend Chris, and he came over and brought some more seeds to share!


I was really worried that none of the seeds would grow, and I would be left with a bunch of dirt and the broken pieces of my gardening dreams. Luckily, neither of these things have happened, because slowly but surely, things are happening and I’ve got some sprouts!

I also have a really great watering system rigged up. I take a colander, hold it over the seeds, and pour water into it. It diffuses the water slightly, and saves me from having to buy a 20(!!!?!) dollar watering can from Target.

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