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Friday, Friday

29 Apr

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! (Is that song eternally stuck in anyone else’s head? It’s dimming my good opinion of Fridays in general!)

I’ve got a lot going on this weekend. I am hosting a combination birthday/housewarming party (mostly a birthday party) and I am determined it make it the most awesome party that every partied. I’m making a ridiculous amount of food, (strawberry chocolate cupcakes and bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers anyone?) and I even got some disposable cameras for the guests to take sweet pics with. David discouraged my ideas of mustaches on a stick and other fun props by gently reminding me that most of the guests will be male, and perfectly capable of growing their own mustaches. Whatever. I’m totally having a mustache party in the near future.

I wonder if Caspian would let me put a party hat on him? He did let me do this:

In other news, I have some new work to show you! I was really excited to work on this brochure, because it was a great vehicle to show some of the brand ideas that I had, but wasn’t able to flesh out in things like labels or business cards. I used old family photos from the farm she talks about in the brochure, something I plan to continue throughout the brand, since we have a ton of great old family farm photos. I also played around with the fold. Instead of being a tri-fold, it’s accordion folded, which gives a little more design freedom!

I have a lot of projects coming up that I am really excited to show, just as soon as I finish them. In the meantime, have a great weekend!


Guys, did you know?

26 Apr

That Mother’s Day is right around the corner? It’s on May 8th. Which is about 2 weeks away. These holidays always seem to sneak up on me…

Luckily, this year I am slightly more on top of it, AND I have a card for you, in case you forgot just like me!

Mother's Day Card Front

Mother's Day Card Interior

Mothers sacrifice all kinds of things for their children, from their bodies to their sense of safety (would YOU get in the car with a 15 year old driver?) You could take a good hard look at your life, and whether you were worth that kind of sacrifice… or you could give her this card!

Plant Setback

25 Apr

As you may know, my area suffered from some tornadoes last week. I was lucky enough to be out of town, and even luckier in that nobody I know was affected, but my poor plants were affected!

My oregano and celosia are just gone. They were doing pretty well before they were blown away. My cilantro was beaten into the ground, and I’m pretty sure some of these growths are weeds.

I used to have a lot of basil, but something happened, leaving me with just one basil. I decided that this year, if I end up having to buy a few plants, that isn’t the end of the world. I am already doing way better than I anticipated, since my seeds actually sprouted.

I didn’t forget about this blog…

21 Apr

I’ve just been hanging out here! Posting will resume on Monday.


Bad News..

12 Apr

I am completely out of ideas for things to post here. I attribute this to being super busy, being thisclose to a vacation, and the fact that my creativity drops when I get tired and I get tired when it’s rainy out, and guess what? It’s rainy here!

Unfortunately, I just took a break and tried to think of something more to write, but I am genuinely tapped out! Do you have any questions you’d like me to answer? Please enjoy this picture of my dog cheesin for the camera. He’s getting pretty good at that. (PS, I do take photos of things other than my dog. They are usually just too boring or out of context to put on my blog. Luckily, a good picture of Caspian is always in context, and never boring!)

A Case Of The Mondays

11 Apr

This has definitely been one of those mornings where I just wish I could crawl back into bed and have a do-over. It started with being parked out of my car (that’s where someone parks so close to your door that you can’t open it/get into your car) and continued when I left my computer at home, and didn’t realize until I was already at work!

Oh, well, the day can only go up from here.

I hope your morning was better than mine. How was your weekend?

Summer Style

8 Apr

Around here, spring is definitely in the air (along with the not-so-exciting clouds of green pollen). It’s warm, leaves are popping out all over the place, and the sun is setting later and later. It’s getting me pumped up for summer! Summer is definitely my favorite season. I love how excited I get thinking about long days at the pool, coming into a cool and shady house after being in the heat, drinking frosty drinks and eating fresh fruits and salads, and watching the fireflies from the back porch. I also love summer style! I’m craving a few new things for this summer, including..

Friendship bracelets.

Image Via The Cupcaketologist

Did anyone else go through a really long phase where maybe they got the Zany Brainy book of friendship bracelets, go nuts attempting all of the complicated bracelets, and perhaps give up after several knotted failures? (I wonder where that book is now..) I totally forgot about these, but they’re back in a big way, and I am thinking a nice wide friendship cuff would be just the thing.

A white swimsuit.

I tried to find a picture of this but they were all a I got a white suit on sale this year, and I am excited to wear it once my summer tan hits, and I am not the same color as the suit! It’s super fresh and I’m hoping I can get through the season without spilling anything too stain-y on it.

A big floppy hat.

Image From Urban Outfitters

I tan very easily, but I am pretty into sun safety. I always wear my sunglasses to protect my eyes, but that leaves me with big old raccoon circles! My solution: a glam straw hat. Shades your face, prevents weird tan lines. SOLD.

Shiny Shoes

Urban Outfitters

I still love gladiator type sandals, and I love metallics, what could go wrong?

Have a great weekend everyone!

I Couldn’t Wait…

7 Apr

To show you the business cards I made last night! I am going to be showing some stuff at a wedding expo, and I wanted to be sure I had some really awesome business cards. I think I might have broken my diecutter in the process, but they are finished and I’m pretty happy with them.

Springing Forward

6 Apr

I’m not sure if it’s something in the air, but it seems to me that lately people have been propelling themselves out of this holding pattern we post-college, pre-‘adult life’, and getting themselves into more sustainable situations. I don’t mean sustainable in the green sense, rather I mean scenarios that have the potential to grow and evolve into a life that suits someone just right.

College, and high school, were both very abrupt and dramatic ways of life. However you felt about something, chances were by the end of the semester it would end, or be radically changed. College ending (without a job) for me, felt like being hustled out into the world before I was exactly ready. I’ve spent the past year trying a lot of things, and I have finally settled upon a plan that not only seems achievable but fits in well with what I want to do with my life.

I’m very excited to have come up with a plan for myself that not only involves me doing what I love to do (design) for a living, but also involves relying on myself, and building up something for myself. It will take some hard work to get there, but I’m excited, and ready.

There’s just one more thing that I need to do before I can transition from where I am now, to where I want to be. I know I am talking in really vague terms, but I don’t want to jinx/reveal anything before it’s the right time!

The point of this post is that I am so, so ready to take that next step. I am excited to spend some time just working, living, and being, not whining, planning, and regretting. I’ve spent a lot of time unhappy with my situation, and it’s so very exciting to be on the brink of a much more satisfying life. It feels like I’ve spent the past year spinning my wheels, which as you might imagine is pretty frustrating. I’m excited to kick that feeling to the curb, but I also want to slow down a little. I want to reflect on what I’m doing, and make every day enjoyable.

I can see some big changes on the horizon, and I’m so ready!

Ever Since I Planted These, Simon & Garfunkel Has Been Stuck In My Head

5 Apr

Recently I’ve been dreaming about cooking with fresh herbs that have grown in my garden! There were a couple of problems with this situation. The first was that I didn’t have outdoor space for a garden, although I do have a porch. The second is that I possess a lethal black thumb. I have enthusiastically tried to grow herbs a couple times, and they just never made it. I have resolved that this year will be different. So I headed to a local gardening store and got some seeds, and supplies.

It was a fun, easy afternoon project, and I began diligently watering almost immediately, since everyone says that the most important thing to helping seeds grow is lots of water. I mentioned it to my friend Chris, and he came over and brought some more seeds to share!


I was really worried that none of the seeds would grow, and I would be left with a bunch of dirt and the broken pieces of my gardening dreams. Luckily, neither of these things have happened, because slowly but surely, things are happening and I’ve got some sprouts!

I also have a really great watering system rigged up. I take a colander, hold it over the seeds, and pour water into it. It diffuses the water slightly, and saves me from having to buy a 20(!!!?!) dollar watering can from Target.