Bedroom – After!

24 Mar

I kept putting off putting my apartment ‘after’ photos on the blog. I don’t feel like it’s really done yet, but I realized that it would be so sad if I ever thought my home was finished. I love decorating, and it will always be a work in progress.

That being said, I did change a lot recently, so I’m going to show you what I did!

This is what my bedroom looked like BC (Before Change)

I didn’t clean up just so you could see how I normally lived. Because I am committed to the truth! (or lazy.. You decide)

Sort of boring…

I liked my room, I lived with it like that for two years (with some minor changes) but I was ready for something a little more adult… A little more sophisticated. And since David was moving in, I didn’t want him to feel like he was sleeping in a teen girl’s bedroom.


Please ignore the creeper dog who wouldn’t get out of the shot. Overall, I’m way, way happier with the room. I think that I’ve really clarified my vision and I’ve taken a LOT of the visual clutter out. It is soothing, and peaceful to be in, and it feels much more open and spacious, probably because I’ve taken some of the furniture out, and replaced it with storage!


As far as things I want to work on; I definitely thing we need a headboard. I think I am going to try to make an upholstered tufted one in dark gray linen. I think it will ground the bed and bring the whole room together.

This is David’s dresser. He drew the giraffe picture in high school. Giraffes are my favorite animal, so I love it! We need to work on cord management, OBVIOUSLY, and I also want to get a more manly lampshade for that lamp, if such a thing exists. I was thinking a nice drum shade. I would also love to prop a mirror on his dresser, to balance out my taller dresser.

My dresser is nice and spartan for right now. I want to make a nice little grouping of stuff up there, but I’m not really sure what, and I am super afraid of getting things too cluttered again! I have a vision of books or something, since I love to read, but I am trying to take things niiice and slow and see what I discover!

The little yellow table functions kind of as my nightstand, since I can’t really charge my phone or my iPod on my dresser (it’s way too high). I found it at the flea market, and it’s perfect for the grey and yellow thing I’ve got going on. I considered putting it elsewhere in the apartment, but I probably would have had to paint it, and I couldn’t bear to. The stuff on it is all significant to me. The flowers David made for me, and gave me on our first date, the candle he also gave me, the little tray my mom bought me in California, and I filled with sea glass that I definitely didn’t steal from a beach (cough), and the photo and frame I’ve had forever. It’s from when I met my brother at the hospital for the first time!


My mom made the painting for me. It almost functions as a mirror, bouncing all of this great yellow light into the room. You will see her paintings all around my apartment – I think she is super talented, and I rescue the paintings she makes that she rejects from her own house! They fit right into my apartment. Sometimes, I am even lucky enough to be able to commission some work from her, like this yellow painting. I love how large and abstract it is, and how it brightens the room.

The green case below the yellow table belonged to my grandmother. I keep my jewelry in it now. I didn’t really mention my bed, but I am in LOVE with my bed. We got it from IKEA, and it has these awesome drawers built in, which is great for storage. It’s nice and low and modern, and I feel like I’m in a really fancy hotel. I got the rug from Craigslist when I first moved in. At first I was bummed out because it was fading, but now I kind of like it.


This is my bedroom… for now. I can still think of so many improvements I’d like to make, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. Stay posted for the rest of my apartment!

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