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Behind The Scenes

31 Mar

The first thing anyone will tell you about selling products on Etsy is that it is super important to have great photos! Everything else can slide, to some extent, but the photos are key.

That’s why I call my dad! He is a semi-professional photographer, and his photos are way better than anything I could make.

It’s always fun, because he’ll come over and we’ll grab things from around the apartment and test out different product styling, and shots. I think every photo session the pictures get better!

Day in the Life

30 Mar

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Dining Room – After/During!

29 Mar

I don’t think calling these things an ‘after’ is technically correct, since like I said before they are still very much in progress. Also in progress are my photography skills! Taking pictures of your house is hard, yo. Last week, I spent about an hour shooting, and came up with very few usable pics. I would be tempted to blame my camera, since it seems to be slowly dying, but I think it is also attributable to my lack of camera knowledge and poor lighting.

Well, now that you know that, I think it’s time for you to see my ‘new’ dining room!


You know, what’s crazy is I didn’t think it looked THAT bad. I liked how nice and long the table was, and how it was close to the window.

This room also had to function as my ‘office’. It was a pretty good space to work in, I will say, but I never had enough room on my desk, and if I wanted to do anything handmade, it had to spill over onto the kitchen table. I felt like a theme for this room was ‘where you put things that have no home.’ There was always something on the table that didn’t belong, and my desk was constantly piled up with things that I needed, but had no home.

There was also this bar/bookshelf thing that was nice, but (say it with me) served as a clutter catcher. It was something of a random addition to a room that was already serving too many purposes.


Ahh… I like this so much better! It’s amazing how open and airy the room feels, even though we actually took away space with the remodel (more on that later, once I get some good pictures!) I took some leaves out of the kitchen table and put it in the corner. It is not necessary to have it big for workspace any more, and David and I usually eat on the couch anyway, so a big table didn’t make sense. I do want to swag up the chandelier at some point, since people keep hitting their heads on it, and it will make the arrangement look more natural. I also have dreams of leaning a big mirror against the wall behind the chair, to bounce off some more light and add another big piece to the room. I also have dreams of finding another rug to layer over the one we have already. Another thing I’d like to do is add cafe curtains to the window. You can’t see them here, but we have these wooden slat shades, which are super heavy and dusty and block more light than you would believe. I think adding curtains around the apartment will also really soften up the hard corners minimalist thing I have going on now.

I like having the piano in this room. It has a lot of visual weight, and even though I’ve moved it around a couple times, it never felt like it fit in anywhere. It felt too big and brown for my apartment, which was sad because I like music, and I like to play piano! I feel like it’s finally found its home. The walls behind it and next to it are bare, bare, bare, and while I like how clean it looks, I also really want to get something up on those walls! I’m thinking some bigger scale art piece that’s soft and neutral colored, so it doesn’t draw too much attention. Really large scale snowy photography perhaps? Or maybe misty trees? I know my dad has some stuff like that, maybe he will give me a big print for my birthday (or my half birthday, which is much closer.. hint hint!!)

I love this grouping. My family has so many amazing old photos, and they just make me smile! I love the little print of my mom in her nurse’s uniform, and I think it looks great next to the photos of my grandparents. I think they were so stylish, and it cracks me up that they never looked at the camera! (gotta avoid that glasses glare). It’s my goal to fill our home with photos of our loved ones, and especially old photos of our loved ones. I know David’s family has some great ones too, and I can’t wait to get more of them up!

I have this struggle to make things clean and minimalist looking in my house. I love how peaceful that can be – but I also love to group photos and art together in collections on the wall. If I’m not careful, my apartment can look cluttered even when everything’s put away, which I hate. The public spaces are basically one big room, so I have to be especially careful, which is why I am so proud of my solution. I put collections on walls that you can only see from a specific angle, which means that in general, everything is calm and clean and peaceful, but I still get to enjoy my collections. This is the breakfast nook, which features art done by my mom. My favorite is the pomegranate, which she decided to paint after she saw something similar in the kitchen on Modern Family. Food is really important to me, and I like that I can celebrate that with the art on my walls.



Product Roundup

28 Mar

I’ve continued putting up new products on my Etsy shop, but I’ve stopped featuring each product in its own blog post. I don’t want this blog to be one big advertisement for me, but rather a record of my design life. Instead, I will try doing a roundup of things I’ve put up for sale recently.

Let me be the first to say, I love birthdays. My family always made a big deal out of birthdays, and I love celebrating other people’s birthdays almost as much as I love celebrating my own! That being said, I always have the hardest time finding cards that straddle the line between funny and not mean/making jokes about how old the recipient is/making fart jokes. I came up with this card as a solution. The interior of the card states: “Can I have some cake now?” which in my opinion sums up the most important sentiment of a birthday. Buy here!

Intended as a complement to the small triangle cards, these blank cards feature larger cut neon triangles. As always, colors are customizable. Buy here!

I know Father’s Day seems far away, but it’s really right around the corner! Real ties are expensive, so you should go ahead and get him this paper version instead.

Friday Fix: Triangles

25 Mar

It isn’t hip to be square any more… take away one of those sides and make it a triangle! A staple in hipster art, I think they are also pretty cute when they are living it up as home and fashion accessories.

West Elm - $199.00

Need Supply Co - $18.00

Upper Medal Class (Etsy) - $52.00

Had to sneak some of my own products in here..

Available now on my Etsy shop! Just click the photo.

Verabel Fox Necklace - $65.00 (etsy)

Stone & Honey Isosceles Earrings - $75

Bedroom – After!

24 Mar

I kept putting off putting my apartment ‘after’ photos on the blog. I don’t feel like it’s really done yet, but I realized that it would be so sad if I ever thought my home was finished. I love decorating, and it will always be a work in progress.

That being said, I did change a lot recently, so I’m going to show you what I did!

This is what my bedroom looked like BC (Before Change)

I didn’t clean up just so you could see how I normally lived. Because I am committed to the truth! (or lazy.. You decide)

Sort of boring…

I liked my room, I lived with it like that for two years (with some minor changes) but I was ready for something a little more adult… A little more sophisticated. And since David was moving in, I didn’t want him to feel like he was sleeping in a teen girl’s bedroom.


Please ignore the creeper dog who wouldn’t get out of the shot. Overall, I’m way, way happier with the room. I think that I’ve really clarified my vision and I’ve taken a LOT of the visual clutter out. It is soothing, and peaceful to be in, and it feels much more open and spacious, probably because I’ve taken some of the furniture out, and replaced it with storage!


As far as things I want to work on; I definitely thing we need a headboard. I think I am going to try to make an upholstered tufted one in dark gray linen. I think it will ground the bed and bring the whole room together.

This is David’s dresser. He drew the giraffe picture in high school. Giraffes are my favorite animal, so I love it! We need to work on cord management, OBVIOUSLY, and I also want to get a more manly lampshade for that lamp, if such a thing exists. I was thinking a nice drum shade. I would also love to prop a mirror on his dresser, to balance out my taller dresser.

My dresser is nice and spartan for right now. I want to make a nice little grouping of stuff up there, but I’m not really sure what, and I am super afraid of getting things too cluttered again! I have a vision of books or something, since I love to read, but I am trying to take things niiice and slow and see what I discover!

The little yellow table functions kind of as my nightstand, since I can’t really charge my phone or my iPod on my dresser (it’s way too high). I found it at the flea market, and it’s perfect for the grey and yellow thing I’ve got going on. I considered putting it elsewhere in the apartment, but I probably would have had to paint it, and I couldn’t bear to. The stuff on it is all significant to me. The flowers David made for me, and gave me on our first date, the candle he also gave me, the little tray my mom bought me in California, and I filled with sea glass that I definitely didn’t steal from a beach (cough), and the photo and frame I’ve had forever. It’s from when I met my brother at the hospital for the first time!


My mom made the painting for me. It almost functions as a mirror, bouncing all of this great yellow light into the room. You will see her paintings all around my apartment – I think she is super talented, and I rescue the paintings she makes that she rejects from her own house! They fit right into my apartment. Sometimes, I am even lucky enough to be able to commission some work from her, like this yellow painting. I love how large and abstract it is, and how it brightens the room.

The green case below the yellow table belonged to my grandmother. I keep my jewelry in it now. I didn’t really mention my bed, but I am in LOVE with my bed. We got it from IKEA, and it has these awesome drawers built in, which is great for storage. It’s nice and low and modern, and I feel like I’m in a really fancy hotel. I got the rug from Craigslist when I first moved in. At first I was bummed out because it was fading, but now I kind of like it.


This is my bedroom… for now. I can still think of so many improvements I’d like to make, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. Stay posted for the rest of my apartment!

Keep Your Chin Up!

23 Mar

I have been feeling a little discouraged lately. It’s nothing too serious, I just haven’t been feeling particularly motivated. Even though I have been taking a lot of small steps toward achieving my goals, I’ve felt like I’m spinning my wheels. I think this is partially because I’m an impatient person, and once I decide I want something to happen, I want it to happen immediately if not sooner, and obviously building a career is not that easy.

I have also been looking at some of the amazing work that the internet has been showing me lately, and feeling like I will never achieve that. Again, that’s not really fair to myself, since I don’t have the years of experience/fancy printing techniques available to me that some designers do, and I can never look at what I’m doing objectively enough to NOT see every tiny imperfection. I think once you have looked at something for hours on end, you can’t possibly have a clear opinion on it, whether you are in love with it or you just see how it could be better.

I think part of this vague discouragement is the changing of the seasons, which reminds me how quickly time passes by (it’s already been almost a year since I graduated college!). Either way, it will not do, so I thought of some things that would cheer me up.

  • Thinking about how summer is coming soon, and I will be going to the beach at least twice.
  • Snuggling with my dog. He smells like corn chips sometimes, but he’s nice and warm and doesn’t mind when I use his shoulder as a pillow.
  • Looking at my herbs. I tried planting seeds this year (more on that later) and it is very rewarding to see that I haven’t killed them yet, and in fact some are even sprouting!
  • Watching Arrested Development. I know I am a couple of years late to the party, but I am watching it now, and I love it.
  • Going to the gym. There is just something about it that I love. I like the weight machines area especially, because it’s like when I was a little kid, and I would get to a new playground, and just be totally amazed at how many different jungle gyms there were, and I couldn’t wait to try them all. I also like when I’m finished, and how accomplished I feel.
  • Learning a new skill. I decided recently I wanted to put some watercolor things in my Etsy shop, but first I had to learn how to properly watercolor! I’ve been experimenting, and let me tell you, it is so fun to do something artsy without any real goals, just experimenting..

What do you like to do when you are feeling like you’re spinning your wheels?

Friday Fix: The Final Frontier

18 Mar

These are the voyages of the Star Ship En- I mean, if I were a space explorer, I would definitely accessorize the part.

KustomKitsch (Etsy) - $175

Chaos at the Heart of Orion - NASA

Roman Antiques - $22.00

Reflection Nebula - NASA

It’s Father’s Day in March!

17 Mar


Father’s Day is just around the corner! (Well, not really, but I get excited about these things..) This year, skip giving him an actual tie, and just give him this far more unexpected cut paper tie card.


The interior features a cut out “Happy Father’s Day!” with plenty of room for you to write your own personalized message for your dad.

Get organized, and get your card now! You can purchase this card here.


16 Mar

Psst… Notice anything different?




Okay, I’m tired of waiting for you to notice. (If you did, good job!)



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