Stop the Madness!

21 Feb

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have been in the process of some renovations and redecorations, and it is a) taking way longer than I thought it would, and b) been very, very disruptive!

However, this is the perfect opportunity to indulge my not so inner design nerd, because renovation means redecoration! I have gotten some new furniture from IKEA (gotta love it), sold this couch:


and moved this piano, as well as painted the wall with all the posters on it.


I have been collecting a lot of inspiration lately/pieces I would like to get for my ‘new’ apartment.

They include:




I am obsessed with this map. There is just something about big maps that I love, and I think this one would look amazing either in my office, or my dining room.

This is actually a bath mat, but I would love it as a larger rug too. I have been really liking stripes and zigzags lately, and I am thinking about getting this to go in my new stripey bathroom, which will include:

This shower curtain! My boyfriend gave it to me for our 14 month-aversary. I love the fresh stripes, and I think the color will pop nicely off the dark gray color I plan to paint the walls. (Side note: I have been searching for a shower curtain for the longest time, it is so exciting to finally choose one!)

I have loved reading and the library ever since I was little. While this is waaay out of my price range (and it’s disappointing that it’s not really a card catalog) I would love nothing more than an antique card catalog of my own someday.

A fun problem of being a designer is I always seem to have big, oddly shaped pieces of paper on hand that I don’t want to throw out. This unit, with many shallow drawers, would solve that problem perfectly! I want to see if I can find something similar at the flea market first, but this little guy, Alex from IKEA, may be in my future soon.

I love, love, love this guy. I think he would look amazing either as a coat rack, or as a towel hook in the bathroom. I think the industrial look is so cool, and it’s hard for me personally to incorporate it into my style, since I am drawn to bright colors and soft textures. I also think it would be a way better purchase than an Eames style knockoff from the Container Store… We will have to see!

I hope to continue posting regularly from here on out.. Hopefully soon I can be posting some ‘after’ pics!

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