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28 Feb

I spend a lot of time deciding what kinds of fonts I want/need to use for projects. I am always on the lookout for new typefaces, and I always have a little wishlist of things I will buy when the need arises.

Image by Jennifer Sukis

Buttermilk, by Jessica Hische is definitely at the top of that list. I’ve really been loving script fonts lately, but it’s hard to find ones that are high enough quality to use in a variety of circumstances. I can’t think of many projects where Buttermilk wouldn’t look great (even though it might not be exactly appropriate… ha ha)

Friday Fix: Summertime

25 Feb

I have been looking forward to summer since oh, about November. It is my favorite season. It feels like everyone is celebrating all the time, what with all the outdoor eating, the pool going, the cute outfits, the list goes on and on.. Since it is just February, here are a few pics to get you in that summer mood.

Source unknown

Such a great movie..

Taken by Indilga

Image by astrangedevice? I don't know, all of these are from my tumblr account..

This is probably one of my favorite images of all time..

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thank You!

23 Feb

I wanted to share a little something that I just put up on my etsy shop. I feel so ashamed every time I go to Target and buy thank you cards. I am a designer, I think. I should have something way, way cooler than what I can pick up at Target. Except usually if I’m at Target buying thank you cards, it means that I should have sent them about a week earlier and I don’t have time to whip a little something up.

I also know that this situation isn’t unique to me. In fact, most people I know would like to send more creative notecards, but they don’t have the time to make them/find them themselves.

That’s where I come in!

These cards are fun, unique, and classy! They are the best of both worlds – waay more special than something from Target, (after all, you had these made to order..) but you don’t have to do it yourself! They are made of ink printed on foil paper – a cool new printing method that does have a little variation, so they look slightly vintage.

Pick up your set today, and get to thanking!

Stop the Madness!

21 Feb

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have been in the process of some renovations and redecorations, and it is a) taking way longer than I thought it would, and b) been very, very disruptive!

However, this is the perfect opportunity to indulge my not so inner design nerd, because renovation means redecoration! I have gotten some new furniture from IKEA (gotta love it), sold this couch:


and moved this piano, as well as painted the wall with all the posters on it.


I have been collecting a lot of inspiration lately/pieces I would like to get for my ‘new’ apartment.

They include:




I am obsessed with this map. There is just something about big maps that I love, and I think this one would look amazing either in my office, or my dining room.

This is actually a bath mat, but I would love it as a larger rug too. I have been really liking stripes and zigzags lately, and I am thinking about getting this to go in my new stripey bathroom, which will include:

This shower curtain! My boyfriend gave it to me for our 14 month-aversary. I love the fresh stripes, and I think the color will pop nicely off the dark gray color I plan to paint the walls. (Side note: I have been searching for a shower curtain for the longest time, it is so exciting to finally choose one!)

I have loved reading and the library ever since I was little. While this is waaay out of my price range (and it’s disappointing that it’s not really a card catalog) I would love nothing more than an antique card catalog of my own someday.

A fun problem of being a designer is I always seem to have big, oddly shaped pieces of paper on hand that I don’t want to throw out. This unit, with many shallow drawers, would solve that problem perfectly! I want to see if I can find something similar at the flea market first, but this little guy, Alex from IKEA, may be in my future soon.

I love, love, love this guy. I think he would look amazing either as a coat rack, or as a towel hook in the bathroom. I think the industrial look is so cool, and it’s hard for me personally to incorporate it into my style, since I am drawn to bright colors and soft textures. I also think it would be a way better purchase than an Eames style knockoff from the Container Store… We will have to see!

I hope to continue posting regularly from here on out.. Hopefully soon I can be posting some ‘after’ pics!