Sneak Peek

29 Jan

I thought I would show you the beginnings of some branding I’ve been working on. My mom has always been into homemade everything. Growing up, we would almost never eat out, and instead she would serve us some amazing dinner that she made from scratch. Lately, she has been really into cutting out refined sugars and flours from her diet, which means that she’s had to say goodbye to some old favorites, like crackers. She began experimenting with making sprouted wheat crackers, which don’t contain any of the refined junk. They were a hit! She is legendary among friends and family for her delicious homemade crackers, and so she decided to go pro! She is currently starting up a cracker company, by the name of Mrs. Citron’s Pantry.


Of course, she asked me to do the branding, and of course I said yes. This is the beginning of her packaging. I came up with a logo that was classy, just like her. For now, her crackers are packaged in a plastic bag, but we have some big ideas for a real box coming up soon. This is a fun project, because it is growing organically along with her business, and it’s fun to work with my mom! I’ll definitely be posting more from this project as it develops!

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