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2010 Holiday Card Palooza!

28 Nov

I am very excited to announce that the holiday cards are here! And with them, the grand opening (bum bum ba bumm) of my etsy shop! You can visit it at


..I definitely have NOT been refreshing my page obsessively for page views….


Anyway, I am really excited to introduce my 2010 card designs! I was going for a fresher, more modern take on traditional Christmas cards, and I have been having so much fun experimenting with cut outs.


One of my favorite holiday traditions has always been looking at the cards my family receives in the mail, and while I was making these, it was fun to think of my cards being in other family’s mailboxes.



College Graduation

13 Nov

This was a joint graduation announcement/party invitation. They were hand screen-printed.

Danielle + Tim

13 Nov

A baby shower invitation with a cute ‘lil lion.